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Champions of Durance

Map Information
Submitted: Sud
Map Genre:AoS Maps
Last Update:Nov-26-05
File Size: 3220kb
Rating:5.0 / 5

Champions of Durance Beta (v2.22)


- Warcraft III w/ expansion The Frozen Throne
- Pentium 4 2Ghz w/ 512mb ram or Athlon
equivalent. Champions of Durance is a
highly triggered map, and requires a stronger
computer for optimal play than does base
Warcraft III. (You may be able to improve
performance by dropping down graphical
settings such as resolution and color

Installation Instructions

Simply decompress the Zipped Archive contents
to your Warcraft III\Maps\Download folder.

Contact Info

Designer: Sud
email: [email protected]
CoD website:
CoD Forums:

Feedback is welcomed.

Game Information

Champions of Durance is a new AoS geared toward
high level AoS players. It features unique
gameplay that rewards players with strategy,
aim (most abilities require you to aim, rather
than the norm autoaim abilities), technique,
and teamwork. Heroes are created to be
balanced, yet powerful, and specialized in
their roles, with attention made that they
never become obsolete. Attack the foe with
multiple viable strategies, create user
towers to boost your army's potential,
passive towers to increase your team's power,
or purchase items to increase your personal
strength, but every strategy has a counter
that can be overcome.

Gameplay aspects include:

- No heroes that are useless early game then become
godly late game (or vice versa). Anything has a counter.
Intelligent purchasing of items will keep your hero
viable all game long, or buff your entire team with one
of many user created towers.

- Skill based spells and abilities. If you're looking
for auto-aim storm bolts and 1800 damage critical hits,
this is not the map for you. Almost all of the hard
hitting spells require prediction and aiming, adding
both a new level of skillful play, and an
interesting psychological factor, which reduces
instances of "heroes standing on opposite sides of
creeps pretty much ignoring each other while they
farm/level up".

- Team-oriented and objective based teamplay. As you
progress in the game, knocking out objectives will
increase the power of the entire team as a whole.
Capture gold expands to strengthen your team's
income, or hit your enemy's expands to weaken them.

- Improved hero kill reward system. As players kill
other players and accumulate items, their difficulty
factor, or bounty, increases, giving any players
that are able to kill them greater rewards. The player
who loads himself up with too many items and foolishly
dies has actually become a target of opportunity that
an entire team will want to go after, rather than
something everybody wants to avoid.

- Multiple VIABLE methods to achieve victory. Actions
such as farming, hero killing, seiging, etc. all
increase your personal wealth and that can be used to
make the team stronger. Your team can spend its
resources on powerful items, or build up its base to
create stronger pushes, or build structures that
benefit the entire team as a whole. Whether a team
wishes to focus on strong pushes, or slaughtering
the other team, all styles of play have a role.

- Almost every hero skill has been elaborately
triggered by a real life software developer. Items
come with many different effects bound to them
(currently the most powerful item in the game
carries over 11 effects!)

- A genuine learning curve that actually gives
the player an opportunity to improve in skill,
rather than "right click for the win".

- Heroes are not "carbon copies" of each other,
and strengths and weaknesses are emphasized for
each individual hero. Agility heroes are fast
and good shock troopers, strength heroes are
great at front line operations, and mages are
frail but pack some very powerful nukes. Some
of the heroes you can choose include:

* Cut a bloody swath through the competition
in preparation for the final curtain killing
blow as the Executioner

* Master the creation of robotic structures,
powerful automatons, and itemcraft as the

* Create defensive structres, stop any push,
and be the man of the hour on defense as
the Architect

* Cackle with insane glee as your mental power
pummels your foes to a bloody pulp as the

* Summon undead, channel malignant spirits,
and create horrific walls of bone as the

* Set the land ablaze with the impressive
flame of the Pyromanic-Depressive

* Punish evil, smite foes, and avenge
wrongdoings against your allies as the

* Turn enemy troops traitorous, enforce
strict pacifism, and when all else
fails, CLUB STUFF as the Friendly Giant

* Summon disgusting tentacled beasts,
and blight your foes with poison and
acid as the Sewer Dweller

* Create devious traps and mines then
throw your trusty dragnet to pull your
enemy into their death as the Forest
Troll Trapper

* Swiftly dodge the assaults of enemy mages,
deliver bone crushing combos, and
uppercut your foes into the sky as the
Martial Artist

* Heal your allies, lay down powerful prayers,
and pass the collection plate around as the

* Summon all manner of nasty creatures and
create items seemingly out of thin air as
the Dark Conjurer

* Impede enemy movements with tranquilizing
arrows, snipe far off foes with sonic arrows,
and never be surprised by an enemy ambush
as the Archer

* Nauseate your opponents with your horrific
stench, then fart on them and slam your
enormous rotting bulk on top of their
unwitting heads as the Odiferous Cadaver

* Create powerful magnetic tempests, unleash
the fury of the thundergod, and enhance your
allie's weaponry as the Stormreaver Electrolyte

* Throw your opponents overboard with a variety
of aqueous attacks, then seal the deal with an
impressive Armada strike as the Sea Captain

* Tear your opponents asunder with unholy power,
rot their pathetic defenses away, then summon
the apocalypse as the Anti-Paladin

* Teach your allies how to fight and show your
enemies how pitiful they are, right before you
send them to their icy demise as the Heedful
Tauren Oracle

* Create hideous abominations of the natural
flora and fauna, augment molecular metabolism
and let your army of mutants rampage the land
as the Goblin Geneticist

* Lead your allies to greater rewards, annoy
enemies with ridiculous policies, and let
naysayers deal with your robotic bodyguard as
the Capitalistic Bureaucrat

* Sacrifice your own mind and body to bring
terrible curses and glorious enhancements to
your team as the Sacrificialist


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By Sud on Nov-26-05

This map is updated fairly frequently. If you wish to touch base with the CoD community, point your browser to

Have fun!

By Alexander on Aug-31-05

S'cool :D Very balanced, and good terrain (as far as the lanes go :D) and deffinately good idea with the Aiming your abilities thing. It's like WC3.5, or something :D

By Sud on Aug-15-05

Interestingly enough I don't have trouble getting games going, and I host full version. Not everybody is 56k heh. I am optimizing as far as it'll go though I could probably do a bit of skin redux.

The lagginess is a product of a slow computer, as the engine I have for it requires a good amount of steam, but, it handles tons of triggers like a dream.

By XXconanXXX on Aug-12-05

You should really reduce size. Reduce qualit of skins (Won't lose qulity in-game) and cut down on functions names and unnecessary code GUI puts in there.

Anything above 2 megabytes is almost undistrbutable over, since it takes so long to download.

I've got about 40 skins in AWA, and reduced the size to 1.7 megabytes without optimization. You can do the same.

By Shadowy Fear on Aug-12-05

This was rather laggy for me (but then again, I didn't meet the specifications, rofl), but still really cool. I abolutely loved the flame wall ability :D Nothing like seeing a huge wall of flames obliberate an enemy wave >D
The towers seemed to die too easily, rofl. The terrain is rather blank and uninteresting/confusing, and devoid of life.

By Shadowy Fear on Aug-12-05

Actaully, Rinpun, that is only the effect of the two versions, Regular and Lite, combined. The regular version is about 3.3 MB, and the Lite version about 2.7 MB, plus a small readme file (is he thorough or what?!)

Just from this description I am tempted to give a 10/10, but now I'll actually play it! :D

By Rinpun on Aug-12-05

Very nice...but 6 mb? You can't play this on! Reduces the point of playing it multiplayer....

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