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10way Marine TD 3.0a

Map Information
Submitted: KermEd
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Sep-11-05
File Size: 353kb

--- New Unprotected Version Addition

- Map Is Now Finished, This Is The Final Version!
- Opened The Map-Source, Now Its Fully Editable!
- If You Use My Map For Your Own Purposes, Please Just Give Me Credit Somewhere!!!
- Great For Learning TD Making!

--- New Version 3.0a

- Changed Level Total to 50!
- Fixed Some Latency Issues, Cleared Triggers
- More Balancing of Air Units
- Boot added, and more!

--- New Version 2.8a Full

- Balanced Races, Units
- Added 10 Towers
- Air Starts On 6
- Added "-?" "-give" and many more!
- New unseen abilities, interceptors and blizzard
- Difficulty and Spawn amount selected seperately
- F9 in game shows a list of changes, updates, modifications, or rebalances as they were made.
- A million fixes, spelling mistakes, unit glitches, etc. etc. etc.

--- Old Version History

This is the final beta version of this map,

- 30 Levels, 4 Air Levels.

- Anticheat towers for all players. Sell foriegn [towers owned by other players] in your area. Cleans out the zone but provides the selling revune back to the origional builder.

- Player Drop Gold Balance. All units/money owned by dropper is spread evenly to each player. And the dropper's turn funds are divyed up amungs the remaining players. IE: 6 Player At Startup, 45 gold each. 1 Player only at Startup 270 Gold.

- 2 Interludes. These provide the player with a small break and a chance at extra revune by bonus rounds.

- Delayed Double Check User Drop. Means the map waits 5 seconds after a user drops before checking again and initializing the dropped user routines. This is to ensure that a lagger who might register for a second as a dropper doesnt get booted. [less net-splits]

- Unit Balancing. All enemies and defending towers were calculated using exponential graphs on a calculator. This means the levels are fair, and that it is very difficult to beat the map without building better towers.

- Towers contain Sell Tower ability. Generating 50% of the revune back to the selling user.

- Contains 5 Races. Human, Marine, Zerg, Protoss and Upgrader races.

- Contains 3 Ultimate Towers. The speed tower and splash tower are both manuverable flying towers used simply to be placed hovering over your base. The range tower is built as a normal tower but does massive damage.

- Added Lumber Level 18.

- Removed Starcraft Sound Effects. This reduces size, and complies with copyright laws.

- Many more features, bug fixes! If you enjoy this TD and would like to see more levels, or notice any bugs, please feel free to email me at:
[email protected]


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