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4 Replacement Races

Map Information
Submitted: BebopJelli
Map Genre:Melee
Last Update:Apr-18-08
File Size: 179kb

Played on the Tanaris map, you choose your race pre-play (still the Human, Orc, Night Elf, and Undead) and in game, you will be either Blood Elf (Human), Trolls (Orc), Naga (Night Elf), or the Forsaken (Undead). Each race has 3 heros that range from copy and pasted from melee maps to completely original heros. The races are not exactly balanced but, they are fun nevertheless. Just know one thing,YOU MUST BE PLAYER ONE TO BE THE NEW RACES I will be fixing bugs and making balance changes to the races before i turn this multiplayer and (maybe) add AI. This map is un protected so feel free to edit it or take anything from it that you want to. I don't mind.
Lastly, I know the preview image has nothing to do with the map, but isn't just funny? :D


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By Ninva on Apr-19-08


By The Helper on Apr-18-08

At least you submitted a preview image.

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