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4 Replacement Races v1.2

Map Information
Submitted: BebopJelli
Map Genre:Melee
Last Update:Apr-19-08
File Size: 187kb

Update to my replacement races melee map. Choose your race pre-game from the basic Human, Orc, Night Elf, and Undead and in game become Blood Elf (Human), Trolls (Orc), Naga (Night Elf), or Forsaken (Undead). Each race has 3 heros that range from copy and pasted from melee maps to completely original characters.

Update information:
Added Hexed Dragon
Added Shadow Hunter (non-hero) with abilities
Added Hexing Hall
Added Voodoo Fortress (Tier 3 Town Hall)
Added a small bag to workers to distinguish them from spear throwers
Cleaned up War Hut so the berserkers are not there untill the upgrade is purchased
Dark Troll Trapper is now melee
Replaced Voodoo Ritual with Big Bad Voodoo for Ice Troll Warlord
Many upgrade and research fixes

Changed model of the Forsaken Archer to be different from the hero Dark Ranger
Added Abomination
Added Skeleton Warrior, Zombie, and Skeletal Mage (they are all trained, not summoned)
Added Boneyard
Replaced Sacrificial Pit with Reanimation Pool

Blood Elves and Naga have no changes

General Stuff
Added a credits section to the quest tab

No multiplayer yet. You can do it yourself though im sure, but I will be adding multiplayer in the next update.
Feel free to take and use anything in this map, I don't mind. Be sure to give credit where needed (check credits section as it points out what the person gets credit for) Lastly, the preview imag will remain the same untill I make a proper one. Enjoy


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