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Modern Warfare v 1.0

Map Information
Submitted: iPeez
Map Genre:Melee
Last Update:May-01-08
File Size: 1326kb

Note: This is not the beta verson released late today, many bugs fixed, new models working, bug with planes fixed, upgrades added, 3 new buildings, 5 new units, 1 new main upgrade and muc much more!

General game info:
-If you lose your Energy Source, you are defeated.
-Fight with Planes, Tanks, Turrets, Scarabs, Soliders and Walkers.
-Having the controll of the halfisle will give you a great power xD
Have fun! The map is like World War Maps but with real world models liek tanks, planes nad soliders + you have Titans, from Battle Field (Called Walkers here), Scarab, from Warhammer (Table game with smale model soliders ><), Turrets, from II. World War and Planes, also from II. World War.

Please Give me Replays!!!



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