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Inventory System

Map Information
Submitted: LoreKeeper
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:May-11-08
File Size: 639kb
Rating:5.0 / 5

Based on Toadcop's brilliant BX-TRS II Demo - cleaner, faster code - more intuitive item/ability creation system.

Full-fledged extended inventory system along the lines of the Diablo-esque inventory. Multilple item slots, truly random items with potentially complex abilities, gem sockets, runes, charms, item sets, etc.


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By megrim on Oct-29-10

this doesnt work anymore as of update 1.24e

By yamifowl on Nov-20-09

I can't run the map, when I click start game, it just returns to map/force selection screen... And btw, there are no forces...
Is there any problem with me?

By CaptDeath on Dec-19-08

Pwn Pwn
Pew Pew all i can say

By Rockthar on Dec-19-08

And BTW, this is the awesomest thing I've ever seen mate! :D

By Rockthar on Dec-19-08

Hey mate. I dont cant manage to use this system on my own map. and if I change something on your map. I will just get an error. Can someone post a Video or something where you show how to use this.
[email protected]

By skmanska on Aug-27-08

but i cant make it work i imported all the imported thing u imported and units and abilityes and items and triggers but it still dosent work pls help:(

By skmanska on Aug-26-08

omg man ur system kicks ass!!! how the hell u did it?! u are so good;) thanks alot u helped me alot man!!:)

By Sevion on May-16-08

Wow. This is really nice. Is it MUI?

By Fulla on May-13-08

Very nice, a few things thou

- Couldn't find any potions on the map. Would be nice so I can see how they worked.

- When picking up items, they should auto-equip in slots if they are empty.
- When you click on an item inside the invetory menu, to help noobs, the slot it can go into should change colour.

- The shop layout I dislike, it completely gets interrupted when you click on the item (multiboard/shop conflict).
I'd recommend moving it about a little (the whole interface), to compensate.

Also is this MUI?


By Mr.Tutorial on May-12-08

Thumbs up! That inventory system is amazing! It's like the a diablo/wow system. Great job.

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