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Destiny RPG

Map Information
Submitted: Im_On_56k
Map Genre:Role Playing
Last Update:Sep-18-05
File Size: 2126kb

Destiny RPG 2.22 Release
By Im_On_56k
First actual release version of destiny rpg.
Open/Closed RPG
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In the dark ages, in the depts of hell, a forgotten necromancer summons upon a great demon. As the world crumbles in the hands of fate, 25 heros are summoned to stop this horrific demon. It is up to you, to guide these heros to victory and slay the demon before the world becomes another forgotten memory in the past.

Please visit my forum for updates, and bug posting etc.

This version is not complete and far from it. Please post any bugs you encounter, or suggestions in my forum that I posted the link to above.


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By nomadian on Aug-21-06

Nice map! I'm not much into rpgs but if I was this would be the one of the best I've tried. One spelling error to report and that is -hero I think it says 'choice' instead of 'choose'

By hell_knight9 on Oct-21-05

yah some of the terrain looks digusting the rest is fine and quite a bit of typos

By Rad on Sep-11-05

Its alright, terrain needs some work though. Some areas have way to many environmental effects which makes alot of lag (And no offense but looks gross...)

Fun though, like the multiboard and interface. And yea theres some spellin errors and stuff to.

By Shadowy Fear on Aug-23-05

Not a bug, but you have a lot of typos and grammatical errorzrz in your description. ;)

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