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Ralin's Hunt for Revenge - Scene 4, 5 and 6

Map Information
Submitted: duderock101
Map Genre:Cinematic
Last Update:May-31-08
File Size: 104kb

After finding out that his father is dead, Ralin - Rolin's son - makes his way out in the world to train. Tracking down one of the Orcish Grunts that was with the Blademaster who organised Rolin's slaghter he found out nothing of infomation. Ralin's primary goal was to track down then slay the Blademaster. Ralin slayed the captured orc then rampaged through a base killing all that tried to stop him. Making it out of the base he missed the hidden Blademaster.

Ralin makes it back to his camp where his scouts have reported sighting the Blademaster on his way into the Warsong Camp in Ashenvale Forest. Ralin orders his men to pack up and follow after the Blademaster.

The only way they could reach the shores of Ashenvale forest is by going through Quillboar land. After getting ambush the party hide in a near by cave waiting for the Quillboar to find them. Luckily they don't and the Party eascape to the edge of the river. Hiring a boat they sail across to Ashenvale forest awaiting Orcs, Danger and Demons...

This link :
is the main thread for this saga. Post for any hints, tips or comments or you can comment here but it might be slower to get a reply.

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By NightShade on Aug-08-08

Where's scene 2 and 3?

By duderock101 on Jun-01-08

If you had any problem playing this please comment here

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