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Kyxs Kings and Knights v2.4 (P)

Map Information
Submitted: Kenak
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Jun-04-06
File Size: 3168kb

This map was created by Kyxoan. with some help from Apathetic-Irony.

New in Version 2.4 (P)

- New Hero: The Templar
The Templar specializes in healing allies and impeding enemy spell casting.
Templar Spells:
Holy Blessing - Heals allied living units for a % of their maximum hit points. Heals 15% at level 1 and 35% at level 6.
Smite - Dispells all buffs, positive and negative, as well as drains mana from a targeted enemy unit. Drains 100 mana at level 1 and 350 mana at level 6.
Runic Aura - Provides all nearby allied units with a maximum hit point increase. Increases hit points by 50 at level 1 and 300 hit points at level 6.
Heaven's Light - Transforms the Templar into an etheral Angel. While in Angelic Form, the Templar gives off a natural healing aura, cannot be targeted nor use melee attacks, and takes 50% more spell damage. Level 1 gives off a 2% healing aura as level 2 gives off a 4% healing aura.

- Map Size Increase.
- Terrain changes.
- Hero balancing.
- Item revamp.
- Creep spawn changes.

In this game you can be either a King or a Knight:
- A king's goal is to kill all of the other kings (there are 4 kings in total) in any means nessesary. To make this task easier, you can hire Knights to do your service. Remember that Knights will generally join a King that pays the most, so having 3 or more Knights makes it hard to keep them loyal.
- A knight's goal is to become the strongest Knight on the map. The catch is that the best source of gold and items, by far, are being hired by Kings to do their bidding. But just because you're hired by a king doesn't mean you have to be loyal.

Send any feedback (this includes bugs, what the map is lacking, imbalances, constructive critism, or ideas).


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By Kenak on Nov-29-05

2.0 is being delayed for the work on Ice Troll Tribes II.

Anyways, yes the filesize is big...but trust me, the increased filesize was worth what we put in.

By the Immortal on Oct-08-05

It's good, really, but it's too big.

By Pyromancer on Aug-29-05

very very nice..... cant wait till 2.0 comes out. a tip to players:

have a full house! much funner

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