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Crystal of the Archmagi 1.00 Beta

Map Information
Submitted: pinbob87
Map Genre:Role Playing
Last Update:Jun-11-08
File Size: 27kb

It's been 6 years after Dalaran fell to the Scourge, unbeknownst to the Scourge, there still remain 10 Archmagi. Now they have returned to Dalaran to recover what was the Archmagi's most powerful magical Artifact, the Crystal of the Archmagi. But, before they reahed there goal, treachery happened. Four of the Archmagi were coruppted by the evil magic that lingered in the city. They attacked there comrades, and went ahead to take the crystal for there own. Now you must take the position of one of the other 6 archmagi as they fight the Dark Magi and their mercanary army, and eachother, for possesion of the crystal... (By the way, this is only a test so, since it's my first map, it probobly has A LOT of bugs. Please email any things I need to fix to [email protected])


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By buckwheat on Jul-29-08

wow dude either you havnt even tested this or my warcraft is really messed up when the game starts it doesnt allow me to select any of my units or move them i think you didnt set up the melee initialization correctly plus it bascically ends, and btw its not my computer becuase i really wanted to play this but when so i tryed playing another game to see if it was me but it wasnt so i started up your game again and it still didnt work so yeah its probably the melee initialiazation just delete all of those triggers

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