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Anarchy Castle

Map Information
Submitted: WorpeX
Map Genre:Melee
Last Update:Nov-23-05
File Size: 77kb

When the king died at Hellmsberg Castle, 2 rival teams vowed to take his place and command the castle...but 2 cannot rule together. Make sure your team is the ruler of the castle!

New version. 1.5. Changes:
*Inverted top 2 starting locations, so a new change can be added...
*Added second entrance to all bases. The entrance is located at the expansion area. This should help prevent Turtling by human players and night elf.
*Changed green mine to orange. Should prevent most fast expansions.
*Added 4 green creep camps in the center of the map to make up for the 4 that were lost.
*Opened up the map to make it easier accessable by larger armies.
*Added a shit load of more lumber, to help with longer games.
*Fixed some of the creep camps, made creeps face the correct direction as well as balancing some of the camps.


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By lord dakoth on Dec-22-07

Sweet map. Nice terrain & doodad placement. I just suck at regular melee maps so I can't last longer than 25 minutes...

By Neptoon on Nov-22-05

This map is really good. I think it deserves an editor choice.

By WorpeX on Nov-22-05

New version added.

By WorpeX on Oct-08-05

Stupid Website wont let me change the image...

By husky_003 on Sep-25-05

Umm, runeliger, filesize is 71kb, that's nothing!

By runeliger on Sep-20-05

lemme reprhase that I meant *pro this make seems pro. Althought the file size is quite big

By runeliger on Sep-20-05

hahaha pron

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