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Kyxs Kings and Knights v2.4 (P)
You're either a King or a Knight. As a king you try to kill three other kings by building troops and hiring Knights. As a Knight you need gold and the help of a King to gain experience.
Submitted: Kenak
Map Genre: Other
Downloads: 1114
File Size: 3168kb
Comments: 3
Rating: ---
Arena Flat V.1.5
Updates since 1.4 - -New custom Heroes -Alot of Balancing -Organization of Desriptions -8 players instead of 4 -Gem currency gained by killing enemy heroes
Submitted: TOC_Cid
Map Genre: Other
Downloads: 1343
File Size: 1417kb
Comments: 0
Rating: ---
ns_underground b100 (NS and Starcraft)
This map looks like Natural Selection and Starcraft. You play with marins or aliens. There is custom ground skin and sound. Aliens evolute and marins buy weapons and vehicles. by pc31
Submitted: pc31
Map Genre: Other
Downloads: 1845
File Size: 1993kb
Comments: 1
Rating: ---
Turret Shooter
Take control of a Turret and blast all in your way! Arrow keys change views of the turret, and clicking an enemy unit tells the turret to shoot it once. Good'll need it!
Submitted: Rinpun
Map Genre: Other
Downloads: 1063
File Size: 1821kb
Comments: 4
Rating: ---
Hero Smash Ver TWO
beat you oppenets in this all out smashing brawl!! 1-12 players (rec. 3-12)Hero smash version TWO, fixed 99% of all errors if not all, added pet system,and much more knew stuff.
Submitted: MasterOfABCs
Map Genre: Other
Downloads: 2093
File Size: 3326kb
Comments: 2
Rating: ---
Catapult Wars
You and your team must bring catapult(s) to your enemy to destroy their base! Six Heroes to chose from and many units. Creeps are everywhere so watch out!
Submitted: Wark
Map Genre: Other
Downloads: 1039
File Size: 55kb
Comments: 1
Rating: ---
Labyrinth of Wonders
An enchanted maze map full of devious twists, can you survive and reach the end? ~Jindo
Submitted: Jindo
Map Genre: Other
Downloads: 1304
File Size: 62kb
Comments: 9
Rating: ---

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