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Kel'Torin's legacy
This is a one player campaign i'm making. Guide Ker'Abec over Skrap'tar island to find the source of power Kel'Torin wants for the Undead!
Submitted: xPheRe
Map Genre: Campaign
Downloads: 3702
File Size: 250kb
Comments: 11
Rating: ---
Capture the Flag: Multi-Mode
(UPDATED OVER CTF V3.0) The new, completely renovated, Capture the Flag. Now Features: 3 Mode of Play, 5 Charcter Classes, New Terrain and more.
Submitted: husky_003
Map Genre: Arena/CTF
Downloads: 1243
File Size: 166kb
Comments: 2
Rating: ---
Hero Smash Ver TWO
beat you oppenets in this all out smashing brawl!! 1-12 players (rec. 3-12)Hero smash version TWO, fixed 99% of all errors if not all, added pet system,and much more knew stuff.
Submitted: MasterOfABCs
Map Genre: Other
Downloads: 2093
File Size: 3326kb
Comments: 2
Rating: ---
Catapult Wars
You and your team must bring catapult(s) to your enemy to destroy their base! Six Heroes to chose from and many units. Creeps are everywhere so watch out!
Submitted: Wark
Map Genre: Other
Downloads: 1039
File Size: 55kb
Comments: 1
Rating: ---
Labyrinth of Wonders
An enchanted maze map full of devious twists, can you survive and reach the end? ~Jindo
Submitted: Jindo
Map Genre: Other
Downloads: 1304
File Size: 62kb
Comments: 9
Rating: ---
'Plains of the World' Collection
All maps are 1v1, and are themed around various plains in our world today. Extending from the vast jungles of Malaysia to the icy plateau of Tibet, these four maps are a sight-seeing experience!
Submitted: Killfest2
Map Genre: Melee
Downloads: 1185
File Size: 450kb
Comments: 2
Rating: ---
Capture the Flag
Your Objective: To bring your opponents flag to your home base while protecting your own. You can vote to have 1, 3, 5 or 10 flag captures, also features four different classes. Created by - husky_003
Submitted: husky_003
Map Genre: Arena/CTF
Downloads: 940
File Size: 48kb
Comments: 1
Rating: ---
Micro AoS v4.2
A 4-way FFA AoS type map (32x32). - For those that don't like long drawn-out games :)
Submitted: AceHart
Map Genre: AoS Maps
Downloads: 3547
File Size: 160kb
Comments: 11
Rating: ---
Ryoko TD v2.5 Full
All new layout For version II. Five races, 87 towers, 30 game levels. New special game levels with immunities and abilities. Players are on teams of two. New towers and a few new mini games.
Submitted: SD_Ryoko
Map Genre: Defense
Downloads: 58386
File Size: 730kb
Comments: 18
Rating: 3.4 / 5

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